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Kit Kat Ruby Launch
Milo Breakfast Day '17
Redoxon Travel Immunity
Wyeth S26 Connect the Thoughts
Omega Walk A Mile
Nescafé Latte
Kit Kat Roadshow
Anna Sui Romantica
MILO Nutri-G Launch
Kit Kat Green Tea Launch
Sjora Good Vibes
MILO Positive Energy Squad
 We're like a hatchery...


...where we immerse and deep-dive ourselves into your brand, and 'incubate' ideas into interesting activation campaigns. 

At Hatch, we take pride in coming up with ideas that work. Ideas that engage with your target audience; and that leave 

positive brand imagery. We also keep a keen eye on your R.O.I., so that you know how effective your campaigns are. 

We aren't your run-of-the-mill 'confetti, sound and lights' agency. The currency we deal with are IDEAS.

A boutique, creative activation agency.  

By a team who are passionate about BIG ideas,

delivering premium service and value.

Anna Sui
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MILO Cans Next Games
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Reishi Packaging
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Kewpie Sampling sleeve
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What makes us unique? 


Aside from a strong competency driven by industry experts; we have an insatiable desire to do really GREAT creative work! We are made up of a team of young, dynamic and creative individuals. We take pride in driving the creative process.​

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